Rescue Methods

Knowing a Variety of Rescue Techniques is Essential

What will you do if you capsize? In a sit-on-top, you'd simply climb back on the kayak. In a recreational kayak, you'd most likely wet exit and employ help to get back in. In a touring kayak, you'd roll back over and never actually leave the cockpit. Better yet, you'd have such rock solid bracing skills that you'd never have to roll at all.

However, anything can happen, and sea kayakers must prepare for the worst. Several aids are available for self rescue, like paddle floats or inflatable sponsons. These aids stabilize the kayak so a solo kayaker can re-enter from the water. In cases where there are more than one paddler, boat-to-boat rescue methods are numerous.

Although the kayak roll is not an essential skill to master it will let you paddle more safely. Check out the Why Roll Your Sea Kayak and  What is the Best Kayak Roll videos for more information. Knowing a variety of rescue techniques, in real-life situations, is essential. Contact your specialty sea kayak dealer for further information, and once you learn them, practice your skills often, preferably in realistic conditions with a trained instructor.


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