• Monterey Bay

    • Posted by: Radford Bean on 12/1/2016 02:23:43 PM
    • Location: Monterey Bay, CA
    • Photographer: Radford Bean
    • Boat: Necky Elias
    Paddlers come to Monterey Bay for the wildlife, especially to see rafts of sea otters, some with young pups on mothers' bellies, and humpback and gray whales. California sea lions will frolic near paddlers, while harbor seals keep a watchful eye on paddlers. Monterey Bay is also a birder's paradise. Birders can see brown and white pelicans, three species of terns, godwits, curlews, dowitchers, American avocets, great blue herons, and great egrets, just to name but a few. The best place to view sea otters is in the Elkhorn Slough. For an opportunity to see the whales, paddlers set out from Moss Landing. The reason for such a variety of wildlife is due to a deep submarine canyon that extends close to the coastline, providing nutrient-rich water that supports the vast wildlife. The best time to visit the area is September and October when the winds are typically light, the weather is warm and usually sunny, and there's little coastal fog.
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  • antartica_nootka_plus1.jpg


    • Posted by: Jon Bowermaster on 10/12/2010 02:30:45 AM
    • Location: Oceans8, Terra Antartica
    • Photographer: Fiona Stewart
    • Boat: Nootka Plus
    We explored the Antarctic Peninsula by sea kayak and sail - which included rough crossings of the Drake Passage, a variety of storms, many beautiful blue sky days and even torrential rains. Our goal was an up-close look at how the Peninsula is evolving...  Read more at
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  • jweiss

    Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

    • Posted by: Jane Weiss on 8/22/2014 07:23:56 PM
    • Location: San Juan Islands, WA
    • Photographer: Jane Weiss
    • Boat: Necky Looksha
    Looking for some of the best paddling in the Pacific Northwest? You really need to look no further than the San Juan Islands. The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission manages more than 40 marine parks in the state...  Read More
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  • Burrows Island1

    Winter Day Paddle - Burrows Island, WA

    • Posted by: Kaj Bune on 2/8/2011 02:06:00 PM
    • Location: Anacortes, WA
    • Photographer: Kaj Bune
    • Boat: Nootka Plus
    Burrows Island is a convenient outing any time of the year for us here in the Pacific Northwest. When Seattle is rainy, this spot, which is on the outskirts of the San Juan Islands, is often sunny and mild. On this particular day we were in short sleeves on the island but met a snowstorm on the way back to Seattle.
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  • psmithers1

    Kayak Expedition - Broughton's, BC Canada

    • Posted by: Patty Smithers on 2/8/2014 08:59:04 PM
    • Location: Broughton's, BC Canada, Canada
    • Photographer: Patty Smithers
    • Boat: Necky
    Photo taken while my son and I were on a five day unguided kayak expedition in the Broughton Archipelago, BC Canada. We were finishing the five day trip and were at our finish point, Paddler's Inn.
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  • Jericho Beach

    Jericho Beach

    • Posted by: Lance and Krista on 7/2/2012 02:28:09 PM
    • Location: Vancouver, BC
    • Photographer: Lance and Krista
    • Boat: Looksha 12
    Our first day out together in our new boats was on a beautiful day at Jericho/ Spanish banks beach in Vancouver. Read more about our trip in the Necky blog: Our First Day Out.
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  • Mecklenburg, Germany

    Mecklenburg, Germany

    • Posted by: Hannes Heucke on 9/16/2011 03:18:42 PM
    • Location: Rätzsee, Germany
    • Photographer: Hannes Heucke
    • Boat: Looksha T
    A short distance from Berlin or Hamburg is the leafy Mecklenburg lake district. This area is sometimes called "the land of a thousand lakes" and is the largest coherent lake and canal region in Germany.
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  • HayleyShepard1.jpg

    South Georgia Island

    • Posted by: Hayley Shephard on 10/12/2010 03:02:48 AM
    • Location: South Georgia Island, Southern Atlantic Ocean
    • Photographer: Hayley Shephard
    • Boat: Looksha
    Kayaking to Save the Albatross - Vancouver Island based wilderness guide and expedition leader, Hayley Shephard set out to attempt the very first solo sea kayak expedition around the remote Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia. More info on Hayley's blog 
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  • Quebec 1


    • Posted by: Necky Kayaks on 11/10/2010 01:17:34 PM
    • Location: Quebec and Ontario, Canada
    • Photographer: Jock Bradley
    • Boat: Manitou Sport
    Photos taken during location photo shoots in Quebec and Ontario. The first two images were taken in Ottawa. The sunset shot is of the parliament building and the one with the flag in it is another view of the same building.
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  • Orcas_Eliza_Grove1

    Orcas Island

    • Posted by: Necky Kayaks on 3/10/2012 12:40:13 AM
    • Location: Orcas Island, WA
    • Photographer: Garrett Grove
    • Boat: Eliza & Chatham 17
    Kayaking around beautiful Orcas Island, in the heart of Washington State's San Juan Islands. It is home to many harbor seals, eagles, and shore birds and offers a beautiful view of Mt. Baker.
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  • RiverTrek1

    RiverTrek 2010

    • Posted by: Earl Morrogh on 6/6/2011 01:56:25 PM
    • Location: Apalachicola River, Florida
    • Photographer: Earl Morrogh
    • Boat: Necky Looksha Elite - Carbon
    RiverTrek is an annual "paddle-a-thon" benefiting the Apalachicola Riverkeeper. It is a five-day, four-night, 107-mile event. For more information go to
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  • Johnstone Straits1

    Johnstone Straits

    • Posted by: Nadja Baker on 2/2/2011 10:52:18 AM
    • Location: Johnstone Straits, Canada
    • Photographer: Nadja Baker
    • Boat: Nootka Plus
    Three friends travel far to embark on a 9 day paddling/photography expedition journey in remote and ruggedly unforgiving Canadian isles. Then spend a weekend racing around tiny Cormorant island as a grande finale in the rooty-est of all paddle races, the Alert Bay 360 Challenge.
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  • Nootka_Plus1

    Salish Sea ~ Sunrise Circumnavigation

    • Posted by: Nadja Baker on 1/31/2011 08:16:31 PM
    • Location: Anacortes, WA
    • Photographer: Nadja Baker
    • Boat: Necky Nootka Plus
    As part of our ultimate Pacifiic NW, 'Seas to Slopes' New Year's Eve countdown, my husband and I took these photos during a sunrise, circumnavigation paddle around Allan & Burrows island, launching from neighboring Fidalgo island. (Before continuing our adventureous countdown snowboarding at Stevens Pass! Watch the accompanying video.)
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  • Hudson Project 4

    Paddling the Hudson River

    • Posted by: Ian McMullen on 10/15/2010 01:36:29 AM
    • Location: New York City, NY
    • Photographer: Nick Kulina and Ian McMullen
    • Boat: Chatham 17
    Ian McMullen and Nick Kulina paddled the Hudson River from near its headwaters to New York City in order to raise money for Brad Ludden’s First Descents. It was 316 miles form Newcomb to Manhattan.Read more
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  • Broken Islands Photo 1

    Broken Group Islands

    • Posted by: Fred Hammerquist on 10/5/2010 03:37:09 PM
    • Location: Barkley Sound, BC
    • Photographer: Fred Hammerquist
    • Boat: Necky Chatham 17
    The Broken Islands is an archipelago of over 100 islands. The scattering of tree-covered scarps, islets, and rocky outcroppings lies off the Pacific coast of Canada, not far from the US border... Read more
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  • gods pocket 1

    God's Pocket

    • Posted by: Necky Kayaks on 10/12/2010 01:06:18 AM
    • Location: Hurst Island, British Columbia
    • Photographer: Gary Luhm
    • Boat: Eliza
    Accessible only by boat, God's Pocket Resort is a secluded wilderness spot surrounded by forested islands and the waterways of the Queen Charlotte Strait. God’s Pocket Resort is the only resident of beautiful Hurst Island, British Columbia, on the east (inside) of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. 
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