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Gulf to Gulf Odyssey

Two friends who met on the Appalachian Trail mapped out a plan to kayak from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico. The adventure took over 7 months and was filmed entirely on GoPros.... Read More

Escape to the Water Blog

To give canoeists and kayakers an online place to call home, Johnson Outdoors has launched a new website dedicated to paddlesports. According to Luke LaBree, Marketing Manager for Johnson Outdoors Paddlesports, “EscapeToTheWater.com is like a ‘watering hole’ of sorts that pulls together content from contributors who represent all our paddling brands, which are Old Town, Necky, Ocean Kayak, Carlisle Paddles and Extrasport. As more and more blog entries, videos and photos pour into the site, it will become a favorite online destination for paddlers.”... Read More

Sea Kayaking with Kids

Brooke was giddy with excitement all morning. She was only 4 and we were heading out for a day-long sea kayaking tour of British Columbia’s Barkley Sound. I put her up front in a double, a nylon spray skirt with suspenders rainbowing over her life jacket to keep splashes at bay. No sooner than we put in and she started singing, “Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow,” a Raffi favorite... Read More

Meet Eliza: Designed by Women for Women

Who is Eliza? A sleek fifteen-foot long kayak she is ideal for day tripping and suited for female paddlers of all skill levels. The chine and rocker profiles, combined with her slight V-shaped hull, create a balance of stability, tracking, maneuverability along with reduced drag which will help the smaller paddlers achieve a comfortable touring pace on the water. Add to that her lower deck profile and compact, women’s specific cockpit design and the result is a Eliza. The kayak specifically designed to provide optimal control for the female paddler.... Read More

Kayaking Nootka Island Video

Alex Matthews Kayaking Nootka Island in the Necky Looksha Elite... Read More

Caves and Arches of Port Renfrew Video

Alex Matthews and Nick Castro kayak the caves and arches of Port Renfrew - a small community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.... Read More

Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling in Belize

My daughter, Brooke, and I glide to a stop and tie-off our tandem Necky Amaruk to the long string of sea kayaks anchored to the motorboat in front of us. We’ve paddled three miles off Belize’s Halfmoon Caye to get here; now come the spoils of our strokes... Read More

The Rip Series Recreational Kayaks

The Rip Series brings Necky’s performance heritage to the recreational class. The Rip 10 and 12 are lively, playful beginner to intermediate kayaks designed with an efficient length and a sharp keel to give them tremendous glide... Read More

The Vector Series Sit-on-top Kayaks

The Vector 13 and Vector 14 are the rare sit-on-tops that paddle like sit-inside touring crafts, giving you the best of both water worlds. The Vector series sit-on-top kayaks are great for day touring and ideal for overnights too. They are a perfect blend of styles, with sit-on-top stability and sit-in performance.... Read More

The Great Rudder / Skeg Debate

Few subjects are as controversial to some sea kayakers as the choice of rudder or skeg. The debate has raged on for decades fueled by misinformation, entrenched narrow-mindedness, and plain good old ignorance. In other words, we paddlers have had a really good time with it... Read More

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