Necky Difference

Advancing the Art of Kayaking

More than 30 years after the first Necky slipped from a quiet cove into the exposed unknown of the Pacific Northwest, our belief in streamlined, elegant, and purpose-built boats remains the core of our approach. Through design and testing on this wild edge of the continent, we’ve found that function creates the purest form and comfort and toughness go hand in hand.

It’s an approach to paddling and a philosophy of building boats that puts the sea at the center of the focus. Listening to what the ocean will allow is as important as bringing innovative ideas to it. Done right, a kayak becomes a partner with the water. It should inspire adventure, not limit it, and the last stroke of the day should leave you impatient for the first of the next. That’s the Necky difference, and that’s the Necky promise.  



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