Design & Engineering

Optimum Performance

From our composite expedition kayaks to our most playful recreational kayaks, every Necky is crafted to optimize the performance not only of the boat, but also the paddler. For us this is a process that requires a clear, uncompromising vision of each boat's expected use; the expertise and tenacity to exceed expectations; and the passion to accomplish this in a design that stirs an equal level of passion in others.

Our kayaks embody what we see as a purity of form and function. The sleek lines and elegant shapes reflect all that is beautiful and adept in the liquid world. In doing this, we bring you a line of performance kayaks that is as unique as each paddler.

Engineering a kayak is a complex proposition. For every performance element gained, another may be diminished. Kayak design is a delicate negotiation that, when done well, minimizes this sort of compromise.

The paddler and the water have a say in how a boat performs as well, of course. Each paddler is as distinct as each kayak. The water is an ever-changing medium. So a kayak must be built to come alive and respond to the conditions and possibilities of both.



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