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Grout Sponges for a Drier Kayak Cockpit

How to use grout sponges for a drier cockpit submitted by Lori O'Ferell.... Read More

Hands Free Kayak Transport

I just watched a video on how to carry a kayak. It brought back painful portage memories. Check out the Carry Yak, hands free kayak transport. We love it and hope you do too... Read More

Solo Wet Exit and Re-Entry

What follows is the result of three years of research and trials at Lyttelton Kayaks. We have discovered nothing new. Yet we did find that there was no sole source that gave a complete statement of the re-entry strategies.... Read More

Solo Car Topping

Can I please draw your attention to my husbands invention. We call it the StrongArm Kayak Loader which won the Australian version of the The New Inventors in March 2011 and appeared on Better Homes and Gardens in July 2011.... Read More

Paddling Gear Guide: E-Cases

In this Paddling TV episode, Ken Whiting looks at the E-Case and E-Reader case from SealLine - a cool piece of gear for keeping your electronics protected in the outdoors.... Read More

Understanding Tides

In this Sea Kayaking TV episode, Ken Whiting explains that tides can have a huge impact on how sea kayakers need to plan their trips.... Read More

Neoprene Hatch Cover

Video with installation tips for putting a neoprene cover onto a kayak hatch.... Read More

Customizing Your Cockpit

Some of us have been known to go to great lengths to modify our own boats for a perfect custom fit. The Necky system is designed to allow for this...... Read More

Signaling Devices and Navigation

Sea Kayak Navigation is a critical skill for all sea kayakers to learn, and you need to have the right tools for the job. Check out this video from Sea Kayaking TV featuring Ken Whiting and Alex Matthews.... Read More

How to Surf a Sea Kayak

This episode of Sea Kayaking TV with Ken Whiting looks at how to surf a sea kayak in ocean surf, or in tidal rapids.... Read More
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