Thigh Braces

Providing Increased Control

Thigh braces are on each side of the inside of your cockpit. They provide a place you can brace your body against while maneuvering your kayak. The purpose of the braces is to increase control by giving you more points of contact with the boat — to make you feel more “at one with your kayak,” more like your boat is part of you. With proper, supportive and comfortable thigh contact, you will be able to lean turn your kayak with more confidence as well as do rolls and do many other advanced maneuvers.

Adjustable Thigh braces

Many of our touring kayaks come equipped with adjustable thigh braces. These thigh braces can be adjusted to provide optimal fit and control for almost anyone.
Adjustable Thighbraces

Comfort Fit™ Thigh Braces

Our Comfort Fit foam thigh braces are designed to provide the ultimate comfort while paddling. Durable yet lightweight, these thigh braces can also be adjusted to provide a snug fit for almost any leg length. You will find these on many of our day touring kayaks as well as the Eliza Polymer and Looksha T.

Comfort Fit Thighbraces sm

Composite Thigh Braces

Our composite thigh brace system combines support with a moderately aggressive fit and comfort. The composite lay up allows us to achieve the best bracing system without adding a lot of weight. These thighbraces are featured on the Looksha 17 Composite, Looksha Elite and Eliza Composite.

Composite Thighbraces sm


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