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Cross Lock™ Buckle System

The Cross Lock™ is a unique strapping system used on many of our hatches. The "X" pattern is achieved with four straps and one quick release buckle. The low anchor points of the straps allow for excellent pressure that is evenly distributed around the hatch cover. Simple, secure and easy to use! This system is featured on most of our kayaks including the Looksha series and the Eliza polymer.
  Cross Lock Buckle System

Quick Seal Hatch with Cross Lock™ Buckle System

The Quick Seal hatch features a unique gasket that seals perfectly to provide dry storage. In addition to the watertight gasket seal it also has the easy to open Cross Lock™ Buckle System that makes getting into the hatch a breeze. You will find this hatch on the Rip series, Vector series and the polymer Manitou series. See video at bottom of the page.

  Quick Seal Hatch

Valley® Hatch

For our Chatham series and Eliza composite kayaks, we choose to use the popular Valley® hatches. These hatches are the first choice for extreme expedition use. They are virtually waterproof, tough and easy to access.

  Valley Hatch

Neo Hatch

The Neo Hatch is a proven design that will endure every stress placed on a kayak hatch without fail. The neoprene gasket covers the hatch opening and is backed up by a hard cover that is strapped in place. This type of redundancy results in a dry hatch that will not pop off in rough conditions. Our composite tandems, Looksha Elite, Looksha 17 Composite and Manitou 14 Composite feature this hatch system. Some of the Neo Hatches also feature the Cross Lock™ Buckle System.

  Necky Hatch with two straps

Necky Hatch with Cross Lock Neo Hatch with Cross Lock™
Buckle System

Video: Quick Seal Hatch with Cross Lock™ Buckle System


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