Rocker: We can turn this thing around

Next to staying in the kayak and out of the water, paddlers like to go places. Rocker is part of what makes a kayak go where you want. If viewed from the side the kayak lies flat, it has little rocker. If the kayak is shaped more like a "u," it has a lot. If you plan to paddle in tight coastal areas or rivers, or you simply prefer to turn and carve quickly, more rocker makes it easier. Generally speaking, if covering distance is important to you, choose a kayak with less rocker; it will paddle more efficiently in a straight line. This rule applies in flat or moderate conditions—in rough or confused seas, extra rocker will aid your ability to paddle straight because it keeps you on top of waves (which makes it easier to stay on course). Extra rocker allows you to respond to, rather than fight, tough conditions. Like stability, rocker is not an either/or choice—it's a matter of balance that works with other aspects of a kayak's hull shape. We at Necky pride ourselves on achieving this balance across our line.

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