Chines: An Issue of Balance

Chine is another element of hull shape that assists with turning. Chine is best pictured by a kayak's cross-section—it describes any transition from one surface to another from hull to deck. Chine can be hard or soft, single or multi. The Manitou II is an example of a soft-chined kayak—it rounds gently from the hull to the deck. A double hard chine, like that on the Looksha series, has two angles in the hull itself. The Chatham features a full hard chine which appears rounded but is designed around stability.

Necky offers many different hull shapes to fit your needs—how do you know which is best for you? Know your water and where you want to go. Know your paddling skills and where you want to take them. And finally, test paddle. Preferably in the kind of water you'll really face, with the gear you'll really take. 


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