Kayak Storage

 Your new boat is carefully crafted to ensure optimum durability. But improper storage can quickly degrade hull shape, color and UV-protection. Storage is key!

Above all else, store your kayak out of the sun. Waxes and protectants are simply not enough–they will eventually wash off the boat into our waterways. Signs of sun damage include fading, a loss of flexibility and cracking that cannot be repaired. Keep your kayak inside or under cover, especially if you live in a sunny climate. A tarp properly suspended above the boat will protect the boat from ultraviolet light. Do not cover your boat by laying a tarp directly on it. With the heat of the sun, the tarp creates an oven that can damage, distort or discolor the hull. Simply leave an air space to allow for air circulation.

If you must store your boat outside, we recommend you tie it down. Strong winds can catch the underside, flip it and cause damage.

Store your kayak cockpit-side down, on its side or on end. The best way to store your polyethylene or composite kayak is to run webbing straps under the bulkhead points (or widest points) and hang the boat or place on cradle-type saw horses. This will keep the decks from being distorted. Do not use the strap eyes, carrying handles or scupper holes to hang your boat. Do not store your boat on its hull. If the hull warps, your kayak will not perform as it should. Use a cockpit cover to keep dust and critters out. Attention to proper storage will help ensure years of excellent service from your canoe or kayak.


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