Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the serial number on my Necky?
You can find the serial number for your kayak on the back cover of the Owner’s Manual included with your boat. The serial number is also stamped into your boat at the stern of the kayak on the starboard (right) side near the seam line. On older Necky boats the serial number may be etched into the kayak. If this is difficult to read please take a rubbing of the number by placing a piece of paper over the number and rubbing the crayon or pencil until the serial number can be seen on the paper. The above instructions are also available with photos in the following PDF file: NKY Serial Number Location.pdf
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What are the deck lines for?
Deck lines are lengths of cord, rope, or bungee, used to attach gear to the deck of a kayak, or as an aid for a swimmer to hold onto a floating kayak.
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How can I protect my kayak from UV damage?
Storage is the most important part of making your kayak last longer. Store the boat out of direct sunlight in a garage, shed or under the deck. You can also protect the boat by covering it with a tarp. Protectants from 303 (www.303products.com) are like sunscreens for many products that are exposed to UV light and work great on kayaks, PFDs, paddling jackets, etc. It helps protect soft goods more than kayaks but it does help protect plastic from UV damage and restores some color on poly boats and composites.
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How do I get a replacement copy of an Owner's Manual?
You can download a copy of the Owner's Manual here along or from our Downloads section.
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What type of maintenance is required?
Rinse your kayak off after each use. Storage is the key to keeping the kayak in tip top shape. A boat should be supported by a rack or webbing on edge (strongest part of the kayak is the cockpit area). When hanging a boat, run straps around the boat, near the cockpit. Storing your boat bottom side down or hanging from the toggle handles may also cause distortion. For more information go to our kayak Care and Maintenance section.
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How do I clean my Necky kayak?
Wash the exterior with mild soap and water. To beautify, we suggest a vinyl protectant product such as Armor All®, 303 Products or Pledge. These are safe for use on any of our polyethylene and composite kayaks. For the interior of your kayak wash with mild soap and water. We DO NOT recommend using any of the above products or polishes on the interior, as the floor of your boat may become slippery. For more information go to our kayak Care and Maintenance section.
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Will salt water damage by boat?
No, salt water will not damage your canoe or kayak or any of its components during use. However, if you are using your boat frequently in salt water, it should be rinsed down after every use to avoid discoloration or corrosion of components.
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How can I purchase a Necky Kayak?
In an effort to serve you better, we have established an international network of dealers. Your dealer can help you with boat selection, accessories and provide customer service should you need further help and information. For a listing of dealers in your area, see our easy-to-use Dealer Locator.
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How do I repair my boat?
Necky Kayaks are very durable, however on occasion they may need some minor repairs. The polyethylene used in our kayaks is repairable. You may wish to contact a Necky Kayak dealer close to you to have repairs performed by their staff. For more information go to our repair section and contact our customer service representatives.
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How should I store my kayak?
It is best to store your kayak on edge, upside down, standing on end or hanging on edge. See the kayak storage instructions for more information.
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