Below is a link to a Canoe & Kayak article by Conor Mihell that takes you behind the scenes of how a new boat design is conceived and constructed, in this case, the Necky Kayaks Vector 14.

How it’s Built: Crafting a New Boat, Design to Delivery
Sit-on-tops are the quintessential everyman kayak. The SOT is stable, comfortable, maneuverable, durable and cheap. It fits the bill for weekend paddlers, anglers and resort liveries alike. But those looking for the ease of an open deck without sacrificing speed typically defaulted to the long, slender lines and the intimidating learning curve of a surfski. So how to incorporate the glide and performance of a ‘ski into a stable, compact SOT? That’s the question Necky Kayaks designer Tom Swetish faced when he set about shaping the Vector 14... Read More
 Canoe and Kayak How its Built Image