Vancouver - Jericho 5Our first day out together in our new boats was on a beautiful day at Jericho Beach/Spanish Banks in Vancouver. The plan for the day was to just get out on the water and comfortable with our kayaks. As beginners, we didn’t want to go too far from shore we just wanted to see what the boats are like, get the seats adjusted, get used to the paddles, etc.

Getting to the water was the first task. Spanish banks has parking all along the beach but getting the boats to the water was a bit of a chore as the tide was out. We had about a 10 minute walk with some pauses as we are not in great kayak carrying shape yet (lesson learned: timing is key). Once in the water, we started in a tidal channel and worked our way out. We were working against the tide so for us beginners it was a bit of a struggle but fun.

We were gaining valuable experience, including to remember where the park bathrooms are located. We had to make a brief pit stop as nature called and got stuck in a rocky part of the beach that was not forgiving as we were just wearing flipflops. We gave up and paddled back to our launch point. After a quick walk to the washroom, we were back in the boats and were headed the opposite way down the beach toward the Jericho sailing club, staying close to shore.

Vancouver - Jericho 8We were quickly getting used to the boats at this point. They glide through the water with ease and maneuver very well. So far it’s more our inexperience that hindered the process but by the end I was turning much better and able to get going at a pretty good pace. Krista was taking her time as she is more into the peaceful nature of kayaking compared to my preference for speeding through the water.

It did not take long before we got tuckered out and headed back because the tide was coming in. I went in to shore first, reading the waves to avoid sand bars that we would get stuck on. We came back right in front of the car and because the tide was all the way in we had about ¼ the walk we had on the way out . A little tired from the new exercise, we pulled the kayaks on the beach and had a little picnic/nap. It was a short first day but we are getting used to the boats and excited to get back out and do some longer outings.

What I learned on this first day:

  • Check the tides first before going as the walk in can be more tiring than the paddling.
  • How to check for sand bar on the way in so as to get the closest landing possible.
  • That the journey does not have to be epic to be fun, just an hour in the water and sunshine by the beach is enough for a nice afternoon.
  • I really liked the seat in the kayak. I have lower back pain and this is very important. The seats are very comfortable and give great back support.