Austin Canoe and Kayak just held their annual spring paddle demos in Texas. If you haven't heard of ACK yet look them up on the internet. Yes, they are a regional outfit with a local name, but their internet store is a national leader and they have great deals on Necky and Ocean Kayak boats. The ACK paddle demos are huge events, and as usual ACK did their kayak-demo-dance with a 3 city tour that included over 70 kayaks to sample at each event.  

The demo schedule included the cities of Austin, San Marcus, and Houston. Necky is never one to shy away from competition, and the Necky Pro Staff were pleased to pace our boats against the competitions in  such a public forum. From fit and finish, to paddling characteristics, we were pumped to put John Q Public in our kayaks.

The Austin demo had perfect weather, and the star of the show  this year was the Necky Vector. The Texas market leans heavily towards Sit-on-top kayaks, so the Necky Vector with it's smartly molded deck features, and cat-quick hull design made a big impression. Roxie the dog approved of the Vector too! (Albeit, she's probably not be too impressed with my cat analogy.)

Roxi and Vector