Chatham 17™ Polymer

Less-pronounced rocker than its 16-foot sibling gives the 17 stronger tracking and greater hull speed. Sits comfortably on edge and responds quickly to a deliberate paddle stroke. Adjustable outfitting offers maximum comfort while still providing positive fit for aggressive edging and rolls.

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  • Necky touring seat with backband

    Necky Touring Seat

    Made of durable molded foam, this seat is designed specifically to reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve. By actually improving flow around the gluteus maximus, it helps prevent your feet and legs from falling asleep when you're paddling longer distances. For added comfort, the seat does not retain water. It also features an integral tether that attaches to the seat of the boat, keeping it in place when car-topping. The supportive back band provides ample lumbar support, movement and comfort for most body types. Many of our touring kayaks feature this seat.

    Necky Touring Seat

  • Bow, day and stern Valley™ hatches with bulkheads

    Valley® Hatches

    For our Chatham series, Eliza and Elias composite kayaks, we choose to use the popular Valley® hatches. These hatches are the first choice for extreme expedition use. They are virtually waterproof, tough and easy to access.

    Valley Hatch

  • Adjustable thigh braces

    Adjustable Thigh Braces

    Many of our touring kayaks come equipped with adjustable thigh braces. These thigh braces can be adjusted to provide optimal fit and control for almost anyone.

    Adjustable Thighbraces

  • Deck bungee
  • Reflective safety perimeter line
  • Support Track foot brace system

    Support Track Foot Brace System

    A comfortable foot brace system with contoured rubber and extra padding (great for bare feet) to provide a secure grip and added control. With an intuitive easy-to-reach adjustment system and position indicators it is easy to get the foot braces set to the same comfortable length on both sides.

    Support Track Foot Brace System Image


  • Retractable skeg with Necky Kayak's own kink-free Necky Wire™

    Retractable skeg with Necky's
    own kink-free Necky Wire™

     Our retractable skeg allows a paddler to adjust the trim of the kayak. This can be advantageous in high wind conditions, when dropping the skeg even a few inches. A skeg can help reduce fatigue and make a significant difference in your boat's tracking ability.

    Necky skegs incorporate "Necky Wire," a highly durable, kink-resistant wire common to the medical industry. It is unaffected by salt water and does not stiffen or kink over time. In testing, we've never experienced a failure, even when the skeg was repeatedly slammed against logs or hard rocks jammed inside the skeg box.

    Necky Skeg


  • MATERIAL: Superlinear® Polyethylene
  • LENGTH: 17' 1.5" / 5.2 m
  • WIDTH: 21" / 53.3 cm
  • WEIGHT: 62 lbs / 28.1 kg
  • COCKPIT: 33.5" x 17.75" / 85.1 x 45 cm
  • BOW HATCH: 16" x 9" / 40.6 x 22.9 cm
  • STERN HATCH: 16" x 9" / 40.6 x 22.9 cm
  • DAY HATCH: 7.5" / 19 cm
  • STORAGE CAPACITY: 158.9 L / 9697 cu in
  • MAX CAPACITY: 300-350 lbs / 136.1-158.6 kg

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